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Curtis Odom with Road FrameI had an unlikely start into the cycling world. Who else would start on a path of bicycle riding, racing, collecting, restoring, building, repairing and eventually manufacturing by going surfing every day? It did happen that way. I was twelve or thirteen years old and riding my Raleigh 20 inch wheel bike to the beach to go surfing. On the way back with a surfboard under one arm and wearing a salt water soaked wetsuit dripping all over my bike you can imagine this as the breeding ground for rust. And rust it did. This had me thinking of bicycle parts that would resist the effects of Mother Nature. This led me to the world of light weight alloy racing parts and the rest is history.

Hubs, It Has Always Been About Hubs

There is a story of when I was a little surfer grom wandering the alleys of my home town of Pacific Beach, California. I was twelve or thirteen years old and I knew nothing of bicycles beyond your common Schwinn Stingray or Typhoon paper delivery bikes. As I walked these alleys I spotted a rusty and bent wheel sitting on top of a trash can. I picked this wrecked wheel up and noticed that the hub was different from others that I was used too. The hub was made from aluminum; the lack of rust intrigued me. Then I noticed that the center of the hub had writing on it. I rubbed the grime off to see the name "Campagnolo". Some instinct in me told me that this was different, that this was special. I keep this hub, today it sits in front of me on my desk, full of inspiration.


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